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History, Facts, and Photo's of the Working Waterfront  from Eastport's Past
1901/02Business Dist.

1935 Business Dist.

Quoddy Tides Clipping from 1991
Sea St. was built in 1852
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found at City Hall
S.B.Hume & Son was est. in 1835
at Central Wharf, Water St.  

B.F.Milliken & Son,
was est. in
at Milliken's Wharf
Water St.

1875 Wolff & Reessing
established the
Eagle Preserved
Fish Co.

Feb. 17, 1876 Julius Wolff,
of Wolff & Reessing,
NY importers,
produced the first canned
sardines in Eastport.

1879 Birds Eye View Map

E.A.Holmes Packing Co ., was est.  at
Holmes Wharf, Water St.
1885          1900        1975
Pic 4

Passamaquoddy Ferry Co.
was founded by Julius Wolff,
Patrick Gillise and
Bion M. Pike

Eastport Bottling Co. was est. on
Sea Street.

Factories listed in an
1888 Eastport Directory
contributed by Robert Chaffey

L.D.Clark & Son Sardine Factory
Sea St.
Todd's Head Packing Co. owned by
Joseph Farris sold for $15,000.00
to R.J.Kellick of The Continental Co.
Factory later became Atlantic Canning
In 1900 the Seacoast Packing Co took
factories and gave them numbers
instead of names.

C.R.Stickney & Co. was
est. in
1900, at Bass Wharf
wholesale dealers, live & boiled
lobsters, clams, scallops, fresh, salt,
smoked and pickled fish.  

Also operated a
sardine packing factory under
the firm name of  
N.E.Canning Co.est. in 1908

The ferry "Eastport", operated by
the Passamaquoddy Ferry Co.
was one of the vessels that
carried passengers between
Eastport, N.Lubec, Lubec and
Campobello Island. The "Eastport"
was built in Dennysville in 1901 by
Lyman Pushee and operated as
a ferry until 1924.

Lyons Bros. Est. Estuis Head

M.C.Holmes Canning Co.
Est. South End

purchased the former Joseph Farris
American Can Co - Sea St  

International Steamship Co - Sea St
1  -  2  -  3  -  4  -  5

Passamaquoddy Ferry Co. - Sea St

Frank Neals Fish Factory - Sea St

L D Clark's Fish Factory  Sea St.
1  -  2  -  3

B.H.Wilson Fish Packing Co.
1  -  2  -  3  -  4  -  5

Grady's Fish Factory (1890's)

Holmes Fish Factory
Healey's Garage

Wilbur Theater
Wilbur Theater Information

Pictures shared by Chris Brown
1 Sea St-W H Kemp
2 Vacant Lot
3 Vacant
4 John Crowley
5 J.D.Young
6 Shaw's Granite Works
International SS
8 William Cassidy
9 John Smith
10 Banks Barber Shop
11 Mrs Savage
12 Frank Malloch
13 FS & CA Paine
15 G.M. Huston
Eastport Waterfront