In 1808, Major Lemuel Trescott oversaw the construction of a garrison on a hill overlooking
the Eastport area. Adams Street today borders the former location of this fort on the north,
High Street on the west, Sullivan Street on the south, and Water Street on the east. The only
remaining evidence of the fort in this location is the ruin of the Fort Sullivan Powder House on
McKinley Street, a short distance off Adams Street. It is unclear for whom the fort was named,
but it was reportedly first called Fort Sullivan in March 1813. The British occupied Eastport
and this fort from July 1814 until June 30, 1818. Fort Sullivan was used as a military facility
until 1873.

In 1877 the government sold the property at Fort Sullivan. The northernmost officers'
quarters, built in 1809, was separated from the other two sections of quarters and moved to
its present location at 74 Washington Street. Another section was moved to Orange Street,
but it deteriorated and was destroyed. The Washington Street building is presently a
museum owned and operated by the Border Historical Society. Admission is free; donations
are happily accepted.

A tour of the Barracks Museum is worthwhile as a study of early 1800's architecture and
construction. A visit will present much more about Eastport
.   Each room is filled with
historical photographs and items, both military and civilian.
Donations are greatly appreciated for the upkeep of this very old building.  

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Fort Sullivan Barracks Museum
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